Molecular Reconstruction System

Reconstructive treatment

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Give luxury to your hair

It reconstructs the structure of the hair from the inside to the out.

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The Molecular reconstruction system makes use of a unique methodology: 4 overlapping products in order to obtain the best hair restoration in the shortest possible time. The secret of the effectiveness of the treatment consists in the different molecular weight of the ingredients, increasingly distributed from phase 1 to phase 4, which allows to reconstruct the hair from the inside.



The Molecular reconstruction uses the KCC complex: one of the richest complexes essential to restructure, protect and strengthen hair from the inside. It is a unique complex composed of all the elements that characterize the structure of the hair.
KCC stands for Keratin, Creatine and Ceramide, the main components of the hair that guarantee a strong and silky hair, but above all healthy and beautiful.

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Active Substances

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Natural Extracts

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Natural Oils

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