Born from over thirty years of experience in the field of professional hair care, Baku combines the competence of commercial management and marketing with that of high-quality artisanal production of its founders.


We want to be a landmark of modern professional hair cosmetics. We believe in the importance of combining a high quality Made in Italy production with the constantly evolving needs of the professional market that wants to be at the forefront of hair beauty and well-being.

A company made by people for people, in which constant research in the trichological field allows you to develop always new, distinctive and safe solutions for the professional.

Always at the forefront of hair care and beauty technology.


Optimize the effectiveness of work in the salon, making high-performance products thanks to the search and selection of the best raw materials. Offer a range of specific products with a high level of practicality and functionality, aimed at enhancing the designer’s talent. Through fast and intuitive processes, our goal is to achieve a tangible result: the right amount of products, less impact on the environment also thanks to the sustainability of the desired packaging.

Build healthy and lasting relationships with our employees, customers and partners.