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Specialized in the production of hair care cosmetic products.


CMU Group  is an Italian production workshop,  own and third parties , which for over 10 years is in the field of cosmetics-professional hair products. Thanks to the continuous research of the highest quality materials, tests and checks that are carried out, it offers innovative solutions and dynamics.

CMU Group production system is  in conformity with the provisions of the law, in particular the European regulation 1223/2009/EC and follows as required by UNI EN ISO 22716 good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Private Label

Private Label are services usually developed or provided by a third party.

This type of products allow the seller to cash in higher margins than similar brand-name products, and the consumer to take home a quality product comparable to that brand but at a lower price.

Every cosmetic is created and developed in our own research laboratory, using high quality raw materials.

Visible results. Innovative, safe and effective products .

CMU Group - officine cosmetiche - White Label - Private Label
CMU Group - officine cosmetiche - Filling


Thanks to advanced machinery in our laboratories we can produce you a customized line that will give your brand value and visibility.

We have a team that will produce you the fragrance, the texture of products and the customized design for your line.

Chance to produce both small and large quantities.

Legislative Assistance

We provide legislative and regulatory assistance for the marketing of your products.

CMU Group - officine cosmetiche - Assistenza Legislativa

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