PureBleach Cream

21,96 IVA Inclusa

Professional use only

Creamy formula for precise application and a uniform bleaching.

Customizable for any requirement of lift.  Balanced conditioning agents help to reduce moisture loss and damage control on the cuticle. Ideal for working on thin and brittle hair andsensitive scalps.  Bright and reliable results. Protecting the health of employees.

Format: 250 gr



PureBleach Cream is part of Pure Bleach line of technologically advanced bleaching.

High performance to ensure a fast and effective discoloration, suitable for all techniques of bleaching, streaks

and sunstroke.  Ensures bright and shining blonde, customized streaks and brilliant shades, protection and silkiness.

What is hair bleaching? It is a technique to lighten the hair, also of several basic color shades whether it is natural or already dyed color.This process, thus depriving the hair of its natural color by modifying its structure and thus lighten the hair of different tones from the starting color nd the results to be obtained through the discoloration.

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