BLEACH powder form. Lightening & purifying mask.
Bleaching, lightening, highlighting while protecting and detoxifying in a natural way, it is an exciting experience! We called it Ritual code because it is a real beauty ritual. Our purifying and lightening mask is the best product for the expert who wants to realize a ritual bleaching service, that lightens, purifies and protects hair. With organic ingredients, this extraordinary powder lightens up to 9 tones, detoxifies hair from heavy metals thanks to spirulina and sodium gluconate, soothes cuticles in depth and hair structure with the decisive action of fermented hyaluronic acid, green tea essence and cucumber oil.

Ritual Code 500 gr.

 thanks to its organic ingredients, has a light green colour and a bulky, creamy texture also given by carrageenan algae, another natural ingredient.


Spirulina. Purifying action: through a chelation process it attracts and traps toxins, sustaining the removal. Antioxidant action: re-energise hair in the presence of beta-carotene and vitamin E. Nourishing action: due to its features as a superfood, it has an effect on both hair fibre and scalp.

Ulva Lactuca

Amino acids of marine origin and fatty acids activate themself after coming into contact with hydrogen peroxide. Palmitic acid, glycine and lysine have an effect directly on cuticles; cysteine and L-arginine upgrade hair fibre with a synergic action by increasing collagen deposition. Ulva Lactuca with its natural ingredients obtained from plants moisturizes and strengthens hair.