Light Code

Bleaching, lightening, streaking while protecting and moisturizing in a simple and reliable way: a unique experience! A real beauty treatment. The best product for the professional who wants to carry out a blea- ching service while protecting and moisturizing the hair.

Light Code 500 gr.

 Compact blue bleaching powder with silk proteins and hydrolysed corn proteins, lightens up to 7 tones and neutralizes unpleasant yellow reflections, keeping the hair healthy, protected and hydrated. Thanks to its compact and non-volatile formulation it is easy to mix, because it mixes without forming lumps and does not swell. Ideal for all application techniques.


Silk proteins make hair shinier, nourished and voluminous. They provide strength, protection and structure to the hair, as well as giving elasticity to the hair, which is more easily able to resist breakage. The result of the benefits of silk proteins is to have more fluid, silky, soft and flexible hair.


Corn proteins have antistatic properties that reduce static electricity on the surface of the hair. They make hair easier to comb, more elastic, soft, shiny. They give volume, lightness and shine.